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Buydefinition Fall Trends 2008

August 15, 2008

We can only cheer as the height of summer draws to a close—with the slowly cooling weather comes a great deal of improved clothing choices. We say this because our daily ritual of choosing what to wear has recently devolved beyond a fusion of what we want to wear, and what’s weather appropriate, into being completely dependent on what degree of scorching it is outside, and how long we plan to be walking around in said scorch.

Luckily for us, the trends for Autumn/Winter 2008 are just the cool breeze we needed for smoothly transitioning into colder weather.

Fall Trends '08

Black, Black, and More Black
Okay, so this might not exactly be a trend in itself, but it couldn’t be truer. Black pervaded most every collection as a common backdrop, and it’s absolutely safe to say that it was the perfect canvas to elevate and modernize some trends we thought were gone for good.

90’s grunge
makes a magnificent comeback in the collections of several of our favorite designers. With an emphasis on a menswear-inspired, leather and chain-clad, sexy-tough aesthetic, some of the models walking down the runway this season looked as if they could rough you up if you messed with them. And we’re not complaining.

Futuristic minimalism speaks volumes this Fall as Summer’s superhero blockblusters breathed inspiration into many designers’ collections. Structured, modern dresses carve out stylish silhouettes while avant-garde leather jackets empower us with superpowers that are nothing if not à la mode.

Grassroots clothing. Rustic yet sleek and urban, folk-inspired clothing soldiers on this fall with the persistence of feathers, fur, fringe, and ethnic prints while countryside chic makes its debut with designers’ newfound fixation with checkered plaid, shearling, and tweed.

Winter’s green thumb. Keeping in line with the slew of florals that invaded the runways this past Spring, nature-loving designers evolved the past season’s bright day blossoms into stoic nighttime blooms, offering a feminine contrast to the season’s otherwise tougher pieces.


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