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Big Kids Only

August 18, 2008

One might, by looking at the Fallon jewelry collection, mistake the assortment of crest-shaped earrings, dangerously sharp rings, and heavily chain-laden bracelets for a mini weapons armory. Here at, we think this is perfectly fine, since only something as striking as weaponry could perfectly compliment the tough aesthetic this season has in store for us.

A short Q&A session with Ms. Dana Lorenz: What inspires your jewelry line?
Dana Lorenz: I am most inspired usually by nostalgic things from my past—it could be things I used to wear in high school, or songs I used to put on mix tapes (God, really dating myself there.)

BD: What got you into designing your own jewelry?
DL: A friend asked me to design jewelry for his runway show and everything grew from there. Magazines and stores started calling and I had to turn a small, personal endeavor into a full-fledged collection.

BD: What advice would you give to aspiring jewelry designers out there?
DL: Don’t be afraid to try something different. My most crazy ideas end up being the most successful.

BD: What is your favorite part about being a designer?
DL: Seeing [my] pieces worn on the streets. We spend so much time developing the collections in our own little world that when I see [the piece] exist after it’s bought and worn it’s an amazing thrill.


Fallon may start at a lower price point, but don’t let the affordable price tags fool you—the pieces are still incredibly fashion-forward. Inspired by the chic urban girl, “someone not afraid to go her own way, someone who takes risks and ends up setting the trends.” Fallon seamlessly blends a Don’t-Mess-with-Me attitude with everyday wearability. It’s jewelry you can incorporate into any outfit you can think of, any time of day. “Even if that ends up being your boyfriend’s old shirt.”

Infinity Necklace


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