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Buydefinition How-To: Lazy-Chic Dressing

October 16, 2008

As we haul ourselves out of bed to start our daily routines, there is always that unavoidable struggle against the (oh so convenient, easy, and painless) decision to head out the door in the same hoodie, sweatpants, and oversized t-shirt you wore to sleep in the night before. Though fashion reigns over function over here at Buydefinition, we must agree that the comfort and freedom of movement pajamas offer is sometimes immensely more alluring than a decidedly less comfortable but stylish look. So we wondered: When in a rush, or simply for the sake of comfort, can one still throw together an outfit in moments that is still, quite literally, effortlessly chic?

Exhibit A: The basic black legging.

In the world of fashion, the black cotton legging has received rather fickle reviews: though Lindsay Lohan has seemingly deemed them her go-to everyday (and seriously, everyday) pant of choice, they seem to have been wordlessly declared by the rest of the industry as tired and utterly last season ever since their recent triumphant return. They’ve been badmouthed in a number of ways: from being far too 80’s for any outfit to simply being entirely too casual to wear alone, the most logical argument against wearing leggings, we decided, was the potential they had to make the wearer look as if they had forgotten their pants.

But when the clock is ticking, and convenience and lack of effort are beckoning, there comes that moment of weakness when we decide to forego avoiding a possible fashion faux pas in favor of getting to where we need to be on time.

Above, from left:
The Sartorialist, Paris
Altamira NYC, Paris
The Sartorialist, Milan

Inspired by recent pictures of chic ladies sporting the things, we Iayered and cinched, tucked and scrunched, and luckily managed to achieve the lazy-chic look we had hoped to attain. Though the potential missing pants conundrum is a legitimate concern, there are, as we soon discovered, ways to combat the issue and tap into the the no-fuss stylishness that is the ankle length black cotton legging. The key to this look, we decided, was a balance of proportions. Since the leggings themselves are very form fitting, you must temper the tightness with looser, longer clothing on top. If you wear a fitted top you’ll not only look uncomfortable, but also as if you’ve forgotten your pants—the very problem we intended to avoid from the very beginning.

Below are some great pieces to pair with a basic pair of black leggings. Remember also that the same look can be achieved (they will be that much chicer, yet still just as comfortable) with the “liquid” leather-like leggings that are so popular this season:

Belt Top and Disc Top, both Society for Rational Dress
Scarlet Tunic by Quail
Pullover by Nanushka

Cropped Sleeve Belted Coat by Tankus
Pleated Jacket by Society for Rational Dress
Tab Front Cropped Coat by Tankus
Fur Vest by Society for Rational Dress

Vanessa Boot by Devotte
Hand Dyed Scarf #10 by Sunshine and Shadow
Zipper Belt by Khoon Hooi
Etiquette Cluster Ring by Fallon

Happy pairing!

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