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Not so PRIM and proper.

October 28, 2008

At the tender age of 14, I remember myself reading books from the Babysitter’s Club, wearing mismatched socks with Keds sneakers. I found candy bracelets and stick on earrings to be the best way of fashion adornment. Not for Kristin Prim. This multi-talented young founder and editor of Prim Magazine has just celebrated her magazine’s 6th month anniversary and has just published her first print on paper.

Prim Magazine's Latest Issue

Prim Magazine

We chatted with this fascinating entrepreneur to learn some more details:

BuyDefinition: Prim is already 6 months old, congratulations! What is the story behind the paper? How did it all start?

Kristin Prim: I started it as a way to cure my boredom. As I said in this month’s Letter From the Editor, I honestly thought no one was going to read it! I thought people might enjoy it, but I never thought they would become mega fans and the mag itself would be read around the world. It honestly is a shock but I could think of nothing else better to do with my life.
B: You are such an inspiration to us all, being at such a young age- have you always thought about publishing your own magazine?

K: Absolutely not. As a matter of fact, up until I was about 12, I wore boy’s basketball jerseys every day. I then got into… Abercrombie. But when I looked around, everyone looked the same and I said to myself “This is not good.” Then I became interested in art and my whole perspective on the world completely changed. I redid my wardrobe, got some hot shoes, and BAM started prim. It’s quite humorous, really.

B: What was the biggest hardship you had to face with your work?

K: Definitely overcoming the prejudices people have about my age. It’s so hard when most of the people you’re working with are anywhere from 18 to 32 years old. It’s challenging, but once they get to know me their presumptions fade.

B: Who is your most admired fashion icon?

K: Hm… probably Karl Lagerfeld. A man, I know, but he’s only the hottest 70-year-old on the planet!!

B: You must be so busy with the magazine and school! What do you do to relax?

K: I don’t. I rest when I sleep, and that’s about it.

B: Where do you see yourself in 10 years?

K: Right here at prim. My goal is to make this into something I can actually hold a job at when I’m older. Hopefully I’m steering in the right direction. Oh, and being the fiercest 24-year-old on the planet, obviously.

14 yr old. founder and editor of PRIM

14 yr old. founder and editor of PRIM

You can check out the latest issue of Prim Magazine online at Check out the next issue of Prim Magazine for an editorial on!


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