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Plaid Comeback: Oh yes, you heard me. GUEST WRITER: Jennifer “Jen Vogue”

October 31, 2008

Plaid is usually reserved for those that describe themselves as occupational lumberjacks or the types of kids that usually stayed home on Saturday nights in high school to study quantum physics or whatnot. Needless to say I didn’t buy into the whole trend at first. I was skeptical. I was more than skeptical, I was imagining myself wearing a plaid clad piece trying to rough up some dinner in the middle of the Appalachians or even worse, having flashbacks to my old high-school polyester plaid uniform and endless taunting from the ever-present “plastics.” But I’m sitting here in the BD showroom, and I must say I’m tragically in love.

Crispin and Basilio Fabulosity

Crispin and Basilio Back Pleat Tee

Let me congratulate them on finding plaid that embodies all things ladylike, urban and sometimes even sensual. Seriously, Crispin & Basilio’s slightly sheer, flutter sleeve Back Pleat Tee is the perfect length to be worn as a tunic, and thrown over skinny jeans when you’re feeling not so fussy. (Click on the pictures to go to

Other tops that will rock you:

Quail’s Varsity Blouse: Oh yes, it’s deliciously June Cleaver, but sexy as well.

Quail Varsity Blouse

Nuj Novakhett Three-Tiered Scott Print Dress

Nuj Novakhett Three-Tiered Scott Print Dress

If you’re looking for the perfect day dress, or even something wear out to a casual dinner, hop on in to the Austin showroom and try on Nuj Novakhett’s Three-Tiered Scott Print Dress. Seriously, if you’re like me, and actually want to eat something more than one helping of turkey this Thanksgiving, you’re going to want the dress. The tiers are great for bottom heavy girls (like me!) and can be worn 2 ways: button in front-cowl neck back, vice versa. You get two dresses in one!

Another dress to satisfy your plaid madness:

Charlotte Ronson’s Day Dress: You cannot even imagine how comfy and adorable this dress is life.

Charlotte Ronson Day Dress

Charlotte Ronson Day Dress

Sally Tseng Plaid Jacket

Sally Tseng Duke Jacket

If you’re looking for a piece that really pops in cold weather, check out Sally Tseng’s Duke Jacket. You can throw it on over practically anything from a pencil skirt to jeans and look polished and chic. I tried it on, it’s the jacket from my plaid dreams sans the prospect of Mcdreamy on my arm.

Looking for something less structured? Try Oak’s Oversized Army Coat: it’s perfectly urban and slouchy.

Oak Oversized Army Coat

Oak Oversized Army Coat

Stop by the 2900 S. Congress location in Austin, TX and one of the stylists will make sure you’re decked out in plaid -or something equally as fabulous (Check out the amazing sale rack!). Meanwhile, I’m going to try to resist spending my entire paycheck on this crazy plaid stuff.

Until next time….

Stay Fabulous,

Jennifer “Jen Vogue”


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