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Shake Ya Headfeathers – Meet the Creators of Pluma

November 21, 2008
The minds behind Pluma
The minds behind Pluma

Best friends since the age of five, designers Kathryn Zarem and Jessica Schwartzberg are the creative minds behind Pluma, their line of handmade feather hair accessories. Though Kathryn and Jessica have always been very artistically inclined (the two have backgrounds in art history and film), it wasn’t until last year that they were struck with the idea of making feather headbands.  Inspired by old Hollywood glamour, Pluma headbands are delicate and bold, yet incredibly wearable. Check out our short Q&A with them below:


We read that the handmade feather headbands caught the eyes of people… what made you ladies decide to make headbands by hand?
We made them for ourselves for fun.  It was actually around the holidays last year, and we thought they’d make fun presents too.

What are your backgrounds? Did either of you ever think you guys would be designers?
Kathryn studied art and art history and I studied film.  We’ve always been very creative and artistic but we definitely didn’t think we would be designers.

What are the inspirations for your future collections?
We want our future collections to be both delicate and bold.  We are inspired by old hollywood but we want to make our designs very wearable.

Will Pluma be creating any other feather accessories?
We are working on a new collection that will be on our site by the end of december.  We are also working on a children’s design called Plumita as well as a wedding line.  We’ve thought about clutches and jewelry, but for now we want to master the art of hair accessories.

Who is your favorite fashion icon?
We love Marlene Dietrich and Isabella Blow.

What kind of woman do you envision wearing Pluma? What kind of clothes would they wear with it?

Pluma can be worn casually, as well as on fancier occasions.  I find them great when getting dressed for work in the morning- they make any dull outfit chic with a punch of color or texture.  They’re made for the modern woman who loves to look chic and unique.

Who are the Pluma headbands named after?
We’ve named each variation after the model who wears it on our website- mostly friends, co-workers, and relatives.

Pluma headbands are available at!

Pluma headbands are available at!

All images are courtesy of Pluma


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