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Shop for a Cause!

January 16, 2009

Along with the champagne and glitter, new year’s also brings with it the ever-enduring list of resolutions. Of course on the list are popular items like hitting the gym and getting a promotion, but then there are those resolutions more specific to us shopaholics, like reallocating our shopping budgets to do more good than evil. However, we at BuyDefiniton have found a way to not only quench your thirst for the hottest trends, but also stretch your dollar to make the world a better place!

Your TOMS purchase also puts shoes on a child in need

Several designers understand the importance of sustainable living and giving back, and a few can be found right here on! TOMS, Figs & Ginger, and Ka Pow Wow are all dedicated to different causes.

TOMS are not only known for their comfortable footwear, but also for their mission- to give a pair of shoes to a child in need for every pair of shoes sold. So far, they’ve been able to drop 50,000 pairs of shoes in South Africa, and another 10,000 in Argentina with many more to shoe drops to come!

Figs & Ginger's jewelry line aren't just nature inspired but eco-friendly too

Another design team with a mission is Figs and Ginger. The husband and wife duo produces jewelry that is simple and unique and made of 50-100% recycled materials. Their passion for responsible business practices also extends to their work area, which is heated using a solar box heater, and oriented for maximum natural sun light. Additionally, all of their literature and mailing supplies are all made of recycled materials.

Ka Pow Wow's neck pieces are all made of recycled materials

One of BuyDefinition’s newest designers is Ka Pow Wow. Known for her funky and edgy neck pieces, designer Mia is also environmentally conscious. All of her pieces are hand-crafted and made pf recycled textiles from London’s freecycle network. Not only will these scarves make amazing additions to your wardrobe, but you’ll also be using your green to go green!

So the next time you’re credit card is tingling, make sure you checkout your nearest eco-friendly designers. Not only will you be satisfying your new year’s resolution, you’ll also be in with the hottest trends of the year!


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