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Not Just Another Scarf

February 11, 2009
Mint Owl - Blue Cross Skinny Scarf

Mint Owl - Blue Cross Skinny Scarf

At BuyDefinition we carry the latest fashion trends from designers all over the world. Lucky for us, it looks like we’ve found a new upcoming designer right here in Austin! 29 year-old Chris Cantoya, a musician, model and now designer, moved to Austin a few years ago in pursuit of his design career. Chris designs primarily ties and scarves for men and women under his line Mint Owl. The concept behind the name of his line? It’s actually quite simple and tells us a little about himself. In a nutshell – he loves the idea of things being in perfect, mint condition that’s rare to find, and claims that he’s a ‘night owl’.

So how did he start? After moving to Austin he began modeling, taking design classes, and attending local fashion events to familiarize himself with the city and the Austin community. One day while looking through his tie collection and deciding that they were out of date, boring, and too thick for his taste, he started experimenting with his old ties; folding them in half to make them skinnier and painting and stitching designs onto them. After that he began to expand into scarves and other accessories. It seems so simple doesn’t it? Now he has his own line! But his ties and scarves are far from simple. He hand paints and stitches the ties himself, and hand makes his scarves from vintage fabrics he picks out.

For now, we only carry his scarves. Among our favorites: the Blue Cross Skinny Scarf – a long skinny scarf with a bandanna handkerchief print. Scarves are the “in” accessory this season that can spice up any plain outfit or lazy day. For all you scarf lovers, you won’t want to miss out on this local designer’s one of a kind scarves before they sell out


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