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Summer Cravings

June 17, 2009

It’s sweltering hot outside and you are slowly starting to resent your favorite pair of skinnies that you’ve been wearing all season. It seems like the last thing you want to do is to put on those jeans and have your sweat be the glue sticking them to your legs. What do you crave instead? No, I’m not talking about ice cream cones or a dip in the pool. My perfect solution to the irritating heat is to put on a breezy, fun skirt. Here are a few of my favorite summer pieces at Buydefinition. These outfits are key to being able to enjoy your day – whether your inside with the AC or outside trying to have fun in the sun.


This first outfit would be great to wear for a stroll in the park or popping out to get a snow cone at the local stand. The cute ruffle tank by BB Dakota highlights the orangey red flowers in the casual, easy flowing skirt. The lightweight material of both pieces is essential in keeping cool and comfortable. Pair this outfit with a pair of Shofolk wrap sandals, a classic Jack Rabbit handbag, and an oversized belt to complete your simple, yet chic look!



Wear this electric blue Nuj Novakhett dress when you’re in the mood to do some shopping downtown. This unique off the shoulder dress pairs wonderfully with a giant Life with Bird bag. All the other girls will wish they were you when they see you in this dress!


When nighttime rolls around and you’re ready hit up the new trendy lounge, slip into this classy pink Quail dress. The ruffles on this dress will highlight your neckline as you show off your legs in the skirt that cuts above the knee. Put on your favorite pair of heels – a pair of F-Troupes in this example and let your gorgeous self dance the night away.


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