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Music Cues: St. Vincent

June 18, 2009
St. Vincent/Annie Clark

St. Vincent/Annie Clark

There’s been a lot of hubbub in Austin lately, since Annie Clark, under the moniker of St. Vincent, is going to be performing at Waterloo and Mohawks tomorrow.  This wide eyed, red lipped beauty is known for her soft, ethereal sound and her lovely voice. But, here are BuyDefinition, we can’t help but notice that as Annie Clark tours, she’s also making some great fashion choices to enhance her poised and lovely sense of style.

So, we’ve decided to pick out some of our favorite St. Vincent looks and show how you can pull off her poised and lovely style.

Rock out with... Cream

Rock out with... Cream

Annie’s a fan of lovely cream things, and you should be too. Try our Quail Batlash Dress or Lorick’s Spring Mere Top.

Cute even in the Heat

Cute even in the Heat

If you want to try St. Vincent’s look a la the desert, try wearing a Society for Rational Dress Racerback Dress and a pair of Ray Bans.

Lace Dress

If you’re feeling Annie’s black and white lace details, try our Plastic Island Lace Babydoll Dress or the Plastic Island Lace Top.


She’s even lovely in the woods. To get this look, try our Corpus Moto Jacket and Kova and T’s Pick Pocket Jean.

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