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This is how she wore it. And you?

July 22, 2009

We here at BuyDefinition love keeping up with our fashion bloggers and their pictures showcasing their miraculous ability to whip together an outfit to look so effortlessly chic.

Jane Aldridge of Sea of Shoes is one of our personal favorites as she pieces vintage, designer and everything in between together to give every outfit her signature style. We couldn’t help but notice her latest post where she paired her newly purchased Miu Miu studded boots with a Jelly Garcia skirt and Tankus leather blazer jacket purchased here at BuyDefinition. We are especially loving the golden hue emanating from it all, the mini gold studs from the boots along with the crackled gold treatment on the jacket and the cream skirt that embodies it all.

A reminder of Fall in hues of creams, browns and gold

A reminder of Fall in hues of creams, browns and gold

Fall merchandise is slowly but steadily coming in and we are so excited for this year’s jackets, blazers and coats (although difficult to imagine in this Texas heat).

Ladies (and gentlemen), this is how she wore it. How will you put together all your fashionable pieces together? 🙂


your BuyDefinition Team


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