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BIG Update

February 24, 2010

Hello everyone!!

Sorry I’ve been so MIA with the blog. We try to keep up with it as much as we can but the past month has been filled with projects, trade shows, photoshoots, etc. I know, we’ve been busy bees!

I just got back from New York for Fashion Week and oh boy, so much excitement there. The lines for Fall ’10 look incredible and I can’t wait to make my final picks here for our store. From amazingly tailored jackets to studded boots, we are adding even more special lines here to our store.

We have also been renovating our store for the past couple weeks, and a special thanks to our Austin customers for their patience. The store will be open (yay) starting tomorrow for you guys to come through and shop! We still have quite a few new additions that we will be making to our store BUT we will be open for business! 🙂

Also, a ton of new merchandise has been added to our site and I mean TONS. Simply click on the “new items” tab to see all the goodies we have in store for you!

We are also receiving new shipments daily so just keep your eye out, we would hate for you to miss it! Next post will definitely accompany pictures!

Love you all.


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