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Model Citizen: The Insider

July 10, 2010

“I love a person who wear things with ease and contingency”

BuyDefinition’s most recent model, Colleen, is not only a (very) pretty face, but a student at the University of Texas at Austin, and has a lot to say. We sat down with her to find out her fresh point of view on style, aspirations, and everything that is Austin.

Who is your biggest style inspiration? Why? I guess its not a who but what- Really and truly it is a tap into the ever moving, ever changing modern fashion world. I find the information endless and inspiration and style direction are definite off-shoots.

What other profession have you always been interested in? I think art dealing or working for a gallery are professions I’m interested in pursuing. I studied art history at UT for the past two years, and I’ve always had a genuine interest and passion in the arts.

What would you call your personal style? Classic, structured, natural, unkept

What do you like to do for fun? I love to go around to garage sales on the weekends, and to take drives through town.

Where are your favorite places to go/eat in Austin? My favorite places to go are Deep Eddy, Dolce Vita, South Congress’ vintage shops, restaurants and, BuyDefinition, as well as many, many coffee places around town, but my favorite places to eat are Juan in a Million, Pho Dan, and Short Stop Hamburgers.

What are your goals as a model? A goal for me is to see modeling through as far as I can. I’m not sure what modeling will hold for me nor which avenues will be opened but I’m serious about pursuing it now and continuing until there is no where left to go.

What is your favorite kind of style, and what about it is so appealing? My favorite style is, an ‘a la mode’ look. I love a person who wear things with ease and contingency. Its appealing because its the a true root to a person’s taste and their insight to the world. I find it very interesting.

xox Alicia

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